hello world.


This is the N.C.L.C kids and i am eleanor jackson.I love my church n.c.l.c.I also love my family. I have a brother and a sister. They’re the other N.C.L.C kids. There are three of us all in the same family. The others are Bethany and Joseph. We love that jesus christ died for us and rose from the dead to show us the power of Gods salvation and to show us that there is nothing that God can’t forgive.

Introduction for my ankle-biters


Hello all,

I and my children go to Newcastle Christian life centre. Recently a member of our congregation was seriously ill and we prayed alongside our community with the children. When she passed away we did not hide that from them and they continued to pray with us for her family.

They read some of the beautiful things that were written in tribute and asked why the A21 campaign was mentioned every time. I explained that it was a cause that she cared for deeply and wanted everyone to know about. They responded with furrowed brows that they love God and love their church and want to tell everyone about those things and why couldn’t they? So I said…go on then…